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Liberian Orphan Education Project
The Liberia Orphan Education Project provides educational support and professional development to teachers and school supplies and books for orphans and vulnerable children in Liberia, West Africa.

Teacher Training

LOEP began training a core group of 75 teachers in early 2009 with the pilot program, Aspects of Effective Teacher Training. This training course provided teachers with instruction on basic pedagogical concepts and practices, including how to use the LOEP –designed “Mobile Classroom”. The training was conducted on the campus of the Lott Carey Mission School in Brewerville, Liberia for teachers from Lott Carey, Children’s Relief Mission, Agnes and Alfred Memorial Orphan Mission, and the Lott Carey satellite school in Bopolu, Gbarpolu County. Following the training, LOEP trainers evaluated the teachers in their classrooms through video observations. These observations, along with feedback from school administrators and training participants, provided the basis for development of a second training course. Strategies for Effective Teaching: Assessment, Collaboration and Accommodation, was the second LOEP training course and was implemented in early 2010 in Brewerville, Liberia. Building on the initial training, teachers were provided with tools and strategies during this course to use in their classroom and their schools to build a “community of learners”. Together with the Lott Carey administrative team, LOEP trainers identified 16 individuals to continue on as Trainers of Teachers (ToTs). These ToTs are teachers who have been through both LOEP training courses and have shown initiative and leadership, challenging their students to use higher-level thinking skills through varied instructional practice. The LOEP ToTs are leaders at their schools, and will continue to assist administration with the planning and implementation of professional development workshops for their colleagues throughout the school year. LOEP ToTs are also being asked to train teachers at other educational institutions, using LOEP’s Aspects of Effective Teaching as the training course model.

Professional Development

At the request of the Lott Carey administrative team, LOEP has assisted with the development of a 5-year professional development plan for the school, leading to the ultimate certification of all Lott Carey teachers with either a bachelor degree in education or teacher training certification of Level C by a training provide licensed by the Liberia Ministry of Education. LOEP has committed to assisting Lott Carey with the implementation of this plan by providing resource materials, training workshops, and financial assistance for tuition subsidy for teacher training programs and university coursework.

Materials and Supplies

LOEP has consistently provided assistance to educational institutions by way of instructional materials for teachers and individual school supplies for orphans and vulnerable children. LOEP sends bi-annual shipments of materials to Liberia, and accepts donations of materials and funds to assist with shipping costs throughout the year. To donate funds, please click here. For a current list of materials that are being collected for the next shipment, please click here.

Mobile Classroom

LOEP designed the Mobile Classroom in 2004 to provide cohesive educational resources for teachers working in desperate situations immediately following the civil war. The Mobile Classroom is designed to be a resource that can be used by multiple teachers in a traditional or non-traditional school setting. LOEP received large wooden shipping carts with heavy duty castors that were being discarded by a medical supply company. The carts were painted in bright primary colors and chalkboard paint, and filled with storage totes full of educational materials. The materials were organized by subject, including a tote for science, math, language arts, physical education and enrichment, and language arts. Included in each tote was a resource book of lesson plans designed specifically to be used with the contents. Since 2004, LOEP has shipped 8 Mobile Classrooms to 4 different educational institutions. With assistance from LOEP, The Mobile Classroom has been adapted by other relief efforts and is now being used in Haiti and other parts of the world.
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